Jeanne Bougie-DesJardins

Since I have a very kinetic approach to learning, my paintings reflect a hands-on experimental technique. The style to my design is in the realm of neo-impressionism.   Colours and shapes still fascinate me, but lately I’m adding a twist to my forms. Still identifiable, they get intertwined with additional sets of images of the subject, which gives me a play on depth of field and penetrate through layers of colour that I choose to suggest mood and character.

My artistic medium is acrylic on canvas; the pallet knife is my major tool.  Once the subject matter is on my canvas, I enhance the acrylic by dressing it with other mediums such as moulding paste, liquid glass or high-gloss varnish.  My subject matter deals with architectural structures and landscapes. My view of the sites is both analytic and emotional. I want to reveal the soul of the matter, it’s history, it’s voyage and it’s impact on individuals.

It is an emotional diary of my travels as well as my daily surroundings, hidden in a cluster of colours, bold strokes and textures.  I welcome my visitors and encourage them to seek the joy and delight I get from creating images from the past and present.